Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i saw some wooden palettes around my building recently. it could be a nice source of free material.
couple of days later i realised someone had similar idea:

shuttlecock feathers

one of my pound-shop treats

those feather structures remind me of this lamp by patrick jouin 

multiples: illusion




the whole bunch

pegs + latex

i wanted to fix the pegs permanently with each other, create a sort of panel, or a tile, where pegs are embedded into another structure. decided to pour some latex into the box.
once dry, its milky colour disappears to reveal amber-translucent view of the surface beneath it.
it allows for creating flexible but rigid structures.

it took ages to dry - eventhough i left it on a warm heated floor, it was at least 3 days before i could take it out of the box

i have tried painting some old fabric with latex - it gives a nice outcome. it is very rigid, probably waterproof and you can make it thicker by using thick fabric + leaving the latex to dry for couple of hrs before applying it (it thickens). i think i'm going to use it to make my camera-skin.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

multiples - pegs

i started by connecting 100 pegs together, without using glue. it is a nice structural element, or a surface? the pegs hold together when i lift them (up to a certain point).